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Friday, October 26, 2012


Ok Ladies! Pick-Up Dates have been arranged! Now your Spice Baths are being made!
If you havent placed your order, one week! left to go! As  these Spiritual  Spice Baths are made Especially for You*

Thank you for your interest and patronage in Mercedes Hair Body and Skin Products as these herbal and spice products are made especially for you, As you continue to place orders I am pleased to introduce you to the products that maybe your grandmother or great grandmother or mother have either used or brought from a good neighbor* This products have been used for decades even centuries among women of (all) color(s)! Either threw scientific lab use or deep southern to deep kitchen use! However when products are made for specific need for a specific person(s) that’s what makes all the difference in buying over the counter to how we like to say (Under the sink!) Real heritage and tradition and Love are put in all these products making it especially for the buyer and his or her specific need. November is almost here! as hair body and skin is essential as to prepare for the upcoming change in the weather, just like preparation in other areas of life. Our living also is affected by our total being. All products before made for the client and or customer is made threw a consultation one that leaves the buyer in awe!