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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Playing Responsible

No longer deceived by the past as their present now needs them to want us, The worth and the value of a good or any good relationship or friendship  as well as family now is being questioned. No jealousy and envy cannot hold those back now since they have found the one who needs are in want. Yes the table has turned.  These needs now have asked as well as showed themselves by way of proving that they simply are not worthy of your time called respect yes still caught in a past , their heart has no respect for your present as well as future! Only theirs! Putting yourself out there as allowing conversation and physical relations are not the same! Game now sees that, only the true at heart will get back with you!
This now leaves them back in pain struggling and death! They do not value your integrity as to working on an relationship, now what do you do or what can you do?
First by all means do not allow you to be schemed into what matters for them, be it Love, Health or Romance or a Love Commitment!
No these certain individuals are on the other side of the road joined with them as well are those still angry and or confused they are placed on the other side of the coin, like roman noodles  they cook or look quick and they are good with their shit.
Now staying on the right side of road as well as the right side of the coin are those who are willing to cry or wolf (I didn’t say cry wolf!) They been played out! Anyway those who cry for attention and those who wolf for their own intentions!
Simply put your efforts are not for them as an individual nor as a team player! They get sidetracked as they are not placing you first anyway, so why delay your blessings! Once the lesson is learned it does matter what you earned from being taught by them, be it threw a relationship, friendship or family as an individual who has applied their hope called matter now it’s your time to shine! As an female/male in an relationship it’s called responsible for the future of both but daily dealt with as now seeing that some cannot now put you in their heart due to pain but physically they can place you in their time so that matter can go away! They either cannot deal with their own responsibilities as they play like they can deal with yours and your family friends and other relationships. Having a good time is only that, and that is what they are about But simply because they have financial security does not mean that they can give you what is called emotional stability. Their mental can play but their emotion gives them away every time! So now seeing that yes there are people for you! But not just for their purpose, But also for their will. As their will has been explained above. The purpose of what they want is for you not to remember what you need! What is it that you need? From the relationship friend family? They forget to accept you in their heart not just their mind or vice –versa? Both now are being addressed called Time and Matter collaborating as one. Now allowing everything to add up! Not against you, but for you! Not as a victim, But as one who lesson was taught in the physical realm as spiritually aligned to receive  instructions as to what you need as why you cannot have as towards letting go of bad habits of long ago! The game hasn’t changed it’s just the people that you least expect now have mastered it!
But this leaves you towards a future that those who don’t cry wolf are. Yes this was what could have got you in life but now as the future continues and the table has turned.