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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Utilizing the fruits of the spirit as the woman waits patiently for the future to be revealed to her as threw the light and love
Needing not to associate too much by verbal as with those who are still trying to figure out their present state, as that can cause confusion*
But however listening to what the present is saying to the woman!
as many were either told to change their ways as to support means etc* Or the woman who means were not appreciated , as to be  moved forward from those who have use her fruit called Kindness as a weakness! Let them fall in their past,
The waiting called hope, for some
as they themselves have faith (already established) have now to wait for the charity to be given.
This charity can place a woman out of fear of a past situation, as allowing this puts the woman in a present that can communicate in the present,keeping her mind ever ready!
This communication leading to the help  called aligned  resource's that the woman  needs as in her physical time  her emotions are now fired up,as to accepting the way as threw the means that the light has given her threw the fruits the first called LOVE.
*Self Love First! Always
as many have to accept that maybe they were to into another, not married but just too much into another!
However those woman as mention have to accept  and acknowledge called the agreement, that the way that love comes is for self first as they now are recovering from not putting self first!
Love is now as always has discipline some woman as to changing their ways, As the time called the obedience is to stop what ever evil they could had step into or slide into!
That's not the way out.
So allowing love to place the woman in a new light that will bring forth the Respect for the woman's time or (title)  as the obedience keeps her in Pride
Prideful, the woman sees what is really happening in the way that needs to be seen for her light called love!
This helps her protect  her reality, One called her dressed season!
as this then stops those who don't want the woman abundance as well as success!
Most Woman Understand This.
The  prosperity is right there, called the woman in her proper season called time
Knowing when its your time as well as allowing who in.
Next discussion.