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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Stop using your present for someone else's past!
Desires being met as if it were a need outside of the wants
Being desired as the one for the will called inside of one's purpose, Now separating the desired one from falling into what another may want outside
This outside their aligned purpose called willed for another not self, has many still in the learning of life's lesson called the disciplinary called no
Or the obedience called stop
Knowing that the desire of someone who has yet to be told no or stop can lead you into a world outside of both being called discipline /obedience
Wanting a person physical form called flesh has stopped the light process called the learning cycle for some.
Now however being freed, allows what is called the will of others to come thru for their purpose.
The shade of a tree is all that was needed
However not a shady individual
Now as being self aware called the secured knowledge of trust
Trusting that all is well outside
As long as you take care of what is called your purpose /will inside
Desires have what is called a want on the other side, This vortex called a vice is now being divided called time! You stay in your time as wants will come thru
As allowing him/her to stay in his/her time desired not for you!
The free space, called free time has now surrender to it being for the 3 as this trinity called trine has nothing to do with others past or present, but simply built on self love recognition
Those who don't love themselves cannot take the love from a number 2 for a number 1
Basically self love is in effect
As many desire to be loved , however they themselves cannot disrespect loves pattern
Called respect for love, those in the light know this!
Now taking pride in their learning of the light process number 2
Learning that they cannot take the pain of the past into the present
This then stops what is called the disillusional disease of a mind still trapped in a past trying to place another in it to be called their future.
The present called for you, may not include what is called outside of your paradise/etc*
Allow what or who etc* called for you to push your faith thru with love as their light is all that you see!
Seeing that your faith is now in the present working fully for you,placing you as well as others in peace hope has been answered with pride and now dignity knows that now
Surrendering as into what another sufferings is now dead. Meaning that has no head affect, thats just a dog walking around with a tail wagging!
Not knowing which way to go until some one Wants him/her!
Allowing him/her to desire you is their need
Outside of a want
Remember what you want can hurt you (unseen!) as then as it moves forward into a Present Physical.
However what you desire is known as called seen understanding the risk as well as ways and means if necessary for the person of pursuit
The wants can hide due to them knowing inside that he /she wants him/her So hiding what they don't want to be known can hurt a person called a present and his/her future!
Charity understanding this as not to close the heart from accepting and acknowledging the reality that they see! Called seeing themselves live in.
Time to cry in pain or drain the desire of a time called maybe in one's youth called child/teenage soul stage.
Accepting that the mind can put you back in life lesson again. Allowing the body to push forth one and keep one aligned for their present and purpose.