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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Many people often wonder why their life goes around in circles and that when they face the same dilemma over and over again. When at times karma (nature) allows you a way out* Take it and run with it as if your life is on fire! This is by no chance meaning that you won’t hear the bad news that once affected you, but what this does mean is that this is not you! Time is turning fast as we ourselves cannot control our 4 last things! As we look for ways to cover our 7 deadly sins or ways to stop those that we fear because of the 9 fruits of the spirit. In ways that we can overcome our own short comings has been exhibit to ourselves, however clever the clues and the issues are without definition of clarity! Meaning that the con the game and the jealousy have now to fight their own battle outside! Never again to be let inside! Why because they are the ones who are evil, only because they don’t want to fight! They rather give in to their negative side and they now know that good don’t mix well with evil! On the surface these are everyday people working on their career etc. and they are in a daze where they feel that they can hide their mental state of over demanding their demons and spreading nonsense or shall I say THE WANTING OF TAKING PEOPLE LIVES! Now that was their job now they are fired no need for them to spread evil. Why? What happen? Well their ex lives are back! and the karma is now in a reverse motion while they are trying to hold down a life that they never wanted and as the lives or souls they took are now been place back to its rightful owner! This is not a play this is the truth! And now as they struggle with their own evil self because they didn’t accept the way out when it was given to them watch them fight each other instead of you! Remember that’s what they love and it’s hard to teach an old dog a new trick! So now watch them get their love from the one who they really love and then watch them put that so called love into action and then watch them put it out for the world to see* What world are you talking about you say? The world of the DARK AGES