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Friday, April 13, 2012


Space Now is needed as you are now in the highest level of self! This allows others who need you and your love the room to get threw! Not just love but Life as its existence is and has been absorbed into the hole that can only allow the positive BANG in.
 Look at the door! Check out your phone your computer etc.! Now this is advancement in you! In a way that dominates, satisfies and love (s )you in a way that keeps the space always full with an overflowing love that nurtures your life living and lifestyle! But don’t forget it takes two yes so this Space is reserved for YOU! And at the time that you are in need more than you want to acknowledge this is YOUR SELF LOVE* this is the love that only you know how to receive because you prayed for this endlessly! And yes you know what I mean. This is the lamb a meek innocent creature an animal chose by faith to restore Jesus name to the throne hence where it came. And this is it the marriage where you are adorned by all white and here is the time where space meets matter and time is stopped to bring together one that you hated! Yes I said that one that you tried to hide! One that you tried to run away from! And one you denied! The love of god threw the eyes of his son Jesus Christ! Not threw Mike Tom Joe or Bob Dee Dot! Etc.

But threw your Full name as it is recorded in the Book of Life! No side con(s) here only the ones that were chosen will appear*and since you thought they got over with their Game! You wanted to share the same space as them Not In Jesus Name!

And you also thought that you were running away from them Nooo! You just found out that you were going back to start ALL OVER AGAIN!

SO do you still want to be a slave to a man/woman that’s not written in the Book Of Life (Those names above & below are only set example*(s) or do you want a Real Marriage!

Think About it?

WHO would you rather be married to the man / woman or the ego? You decide.  And meanwhile don’t let the ego get you down! Because there is no SPACE THERE*for you!   If you’re saved! And  it’s always going to be hard to live up to a man/woman ego! Give it up; you will spend years spinning in their Universe searching for their love, life, living or lifestyle. Meanwhile count your Blessings as they come and rejoice in the word! (Bible) until you are strong enough to let Satan go! And re stabilized your Self into a self-existence called Jesus Love. Then you will be on your way to the life discipline that will allow Jesus Christ plan for you to surface because the Lord God has saw that your bitterness has left the taste of hate !

Love that is Amazing now has a name and this is the secret that is self-proclaimed! This is a name of a man or woman that can order from the menu of God Plan NOT A HAPPY MEAL!

And this is the plan that will not reveal it’s self to you but to your receiving and that how the man and or woman gets threw! When you receive this Love that is amazing you are not enough until you have filled their cup as you requested! And then you cannot complain that god didn’t send you a man or woman that is for you and in disguise? Because you cannot trick the hands of time and this time matter won’t wait for the same mistake that you made over and over again (on purpose!) because of your HATE! No this time it’s continually in your Face shining like the light of Jesus and effecting your life with Christ and there is nowhere but space and time doesn’t matter there because the cup is full and the sword is held high and the coin is there  and the branch too ! And you well let’s just put it like this! No more Bull sh*t we all know what you do? You hide because you are scared so now the stage is set and yes you will be there as you were before and maybe this time you will have vented enough to learn to Love self and to realize that this is not a game that you have mastered in the devil and Satan lane But this is the person that was sent to YOU! And if you refuse well remember Peter what did he do and remember time then will take its effect on you! Then you will begin to age all over again and so on and so forth! But just knowing this is not enough for some they still want the one with the BIG EGO!