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Sunday, April 22, 2012


Now you have stopped the bad ways that you have picked up alone the way not purposely wanting or needing to hurt others BUT YOU THOUGHT THIS WAS THE WAY TO YOUR SURVIVAL!!! But it wasn’t it was either him or her! Now you know this because being with your OLD FRIENDS this is not allowed! SO WHY TREAT THE NEW ONES LIKE THIS, BECAUSE YOU WERE IN SOMEONE ELSE *HOUSE! You have been hurting the new friend’s ones that you meet during the course of a past relationship with him or her due to YOU NOT BEING YOURSELF!!!!!! Now you should call up that person who you meant during the time of your PAST RELATIONSHIP and tell them you love them! Why? Because they were not your childhood friends they were sent to you after the time came for you to move on and instead of you  allowing them in you allowed something in that was not meant for you and your past girlfriends and family knew it but the one who was sent to HELP YOU! In the name of Jesus you misused. They have nothing to do with the plan that you set aside from your past friends and family they came threw the heart and mind of Jesus they knew what you were facing and all you had to show them was LOVE LOYALTY AND RESPECT!

So these people are separate from the one who is to come and from your past friends and family! Yes like angels their life is no anger given only when you didn’t listen and that’s something that you have to deal with! But conveniently now not with them! But with the past friends and family member all over again. Unless of course you accept that you were given a present from the lord who intercedes with your Christ for you.