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Monday, April 16, 2012


Who is zooming who?  Did you forget the Love that you attract is the love that you resist?

And often your mind is in this Love developing Gain into a friendship that can lead into a Real Relationship that can leave you in awe not knowing that all the time God is doing the job! And now surfaces the surprise that you forgot the mentioning of the forget me not(s) the things that you have once forgotten (Blessings) in your Life. Threw life lessons you have now received your Gift in a BIG way that now is appreciated threw Matter and Time Physically Seen and Known to All! IAM THERE.

Researching a way out has gone and now you have the time back to give to god.  Pimping your way threw has stopped now you have to be true to you and allow Jesus to get threw because it matters.
Don’t be mad because it’s the ones who you once knew back in time or because you don’t like the way matter is define. Rejoice you are back in your LIFE