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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Accepting our alignment puts us back in the  family& friends  that we once known or loved and it may be a little tricky only because as the clearing (the negative) passes threw!  We are aligned to receive what is needed and to give what is necessary. This at times can throw you back in a negative mood /or feeling that made you Selfish or Uncaring in your Past but now rejoice knowing that that was not you but a negative entity that was placed in your space! Moving with the positive is easy as we adapt ourselves to the forgiving of others who had had some impact in our lives and even though these people are not your type or age or looks? etc.* these people are like gold or diamonds! Yes within them are the true heart of love that undefined what you had or have exhibited to mankind, they are not necessary a friend not necessary a lover not necessary a family member, But who they truly are is a being whose alignment keeps you in space right until the time comes where as their lesson is learned then they can move on! and you too! Basically their doing their job! And something so wonderful about this is that they don’t hurt your home! Your family! Your friends! Your job etc.! So you can’t blame them if you allow negative in!

This people are like protectors of the light knowing but not seeing the light why? Because there in another prism, their time will come, but as it is with RESPECT LOVE AND LOYALTY!

Then you have the protectors of the sun, who of course sees over the protector of the light! And this protector has won the fight the victory to be called upon. This is the person who has their own life and is in living their lifestyle and they only come when needed!
 Why? Because they have too much work to do to dibble dabble with the likes of you! Meaning the fake people/ the negative people who are only trying to use them or others sun.