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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


As all things are being put back in its place, now is the time that understanding clicks in or as it shows itself to others outside of you! Meaning the world /the World Wide Web/the Internet! Yes these places now are affected by Gods Rules. What does this mean well as any good Christian knows this means the lord Jesus Christ is in its place too! Which effects everyone living and breathing but now, the purpose is not to confuse you into a belief or a spiritual or religion, Its moral aspects are to involve you into changing yourself into the way of life living a lifestyle where you don’t have no cares of mentioning of immoral aspects from the crowds of people online everyday people are online judging you for not what meets their needs but what meets their requirements in life, living and lifestyle. Let the way wards have their style control your mind as you see them glow (meaning staying mentally strong! Not allowing the visual to conform you from your goals, dreams, life, living or lifestyle.  This is the first look of innocence where you were drawn into either the physical contraption or the mental conception of believing you are the one! Now that you have suffered the insults of seeing that a sexual relationship doesn’t withstand a Real One with your strength of positiveness wanting to control either man/woman this energy is exerted only when the child in you is not positioned! Once again maintain your needs not your wants! But threw the needs of someone not young but as an adult who has surrender his will freely allowing man threw god the lord Jesus Christ to help aid you. Cannot destroy what he has already built due to your anger or selfishness nature of man, but however why do you feel that you can rule again? When in the past you were being misled by your own head? Instead of allowing the master to due it the RIGHT WAY! Sneaking lying and not trusting those who were sent to help you along the way only made you miss out on what could have been! But now things have ground concave and the nutrients are now gone and the seed has disappeared into the clone that is made of steel no feeling just cold no sun shining giving the warmth needed no  water or rain to fertile it feeling the growth from the roots up lifted from a seed now gone forever ! Do you have any clues? Time has now erased all that space has engulf with the matter which the resources energy means etc. cannot serve you as a guest at the feast of kings because now the clothe is dirty and there will be no more! And that begins the beginning of Love! Not assigned! Now aligned for those who didn’t stay inside their border(s) when they were told too and the lesson is the beginning is the end!