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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Excepting your responsibilities because of the lies and the deceit of your Past and how it affected you and your Present! Allowing the new to bring forth the control and or the balance in Life that you need NOT AS OTHERS NEED but by addressing your own conceit fate has its chance to defeat your demons or shall I say your inner weakness that what you relied upon base on as STRENGHT ! WHICH IT WAS NOT! Just you working around the clock looking for souls to take and enemies to hate! While all alone the loneliness of despair had it EAR on you! Meaning that this is not NEW! Just you not listening just the way you didn’t listen when your mother told you don’t do it or simply NO! It’s not yours!

Now the new responsibilities are that everybody sees the lies and deceit that surrounded your hate! A hate more common than love as expressed threw sex etc.! You are not looked upon as a person who one would trust with their life or the life of their mother, father, sister, brother! You are not to be trusted with children because you never grew up! Only you used others Past Lives to comprehend or make up a woman/man that you have never been and just because you have children doesn’t mean that you are a MOTHER/FATHER or a PARENT it only means that others suffered for you to get in! But alas that time is gone and now the New is that you are not scorn or never had been! Just a child searching for someone to love your shit! The shit that only a Real Mother/Father can Love until the time has come for the fakeness to leave your face and a real woman/man can emerge and that is something that an image consultant /pr cannot give you! Called Self! This is not a soul seeking episode , this is the 3 rd. eye the one that a mother can see from her child and try to stop her or him before they get old (or over with their bullshit!) and when this is not confronted it because an Mark that everyone can see ! Like a 666 (when you’re walking down the street!) and the beast is when you attack men all men/women with your 666 (mark) this is The YOU! The one who cannot hide behind Valiums or your menstruation or I was just curious as a remark! This is the house you came from, and this is how you leave your MARK! And this means that now you are in a whole NEW a world where people you thought you would never be around?  The ones who have been waiting for you! Yes your Hell has just started! And why are we talking about hell? Well because that’s what you wanted so bad to be near him/her and look where you live at! To be the one that he/she leaves her/him for Please didn’t you learn from your mother/father? And to live like him /her Now where is your father call upon him (god) because he will answer that question (like you don’t already know! duh*) Anyway you will live like your biological father in hell! Confused? Well that only means that you haven’t understood or either read my blogs! And the suffering begins. Now when will it stop? The suffering that is? Well iam not god and I cannot answer this.