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Monday, August 13, 2012


We are now applying faith to a listener  ( Sisters of ~ (FALL LIGHTS) and no matter what faith what religion or what spirituality ,We all believe threw Faith That with Love (the listener)Is in agreement with what you heard above.

Now repeat this to your self

Iam a Mountain of Love  with Strenght that Faith has Applied Let This Seed Come ALIVE!

*You are now allowing the sun inside of you to go to the seed sisters a seed which we call CORN the listener now can be seen  threw LOVE.

Nobody can be be a great listener (All of the time)! But threw Love which  gives us one of the Fruits needed  Patience!    So as illustrated we have Patience as one of the Fruits.

Now by allowing Patience to corn we have now allowed the receiver to do its job ,Getting the job done* Yes as this is the last month of the Summer and we are looking forward to FALL the light that we have lit this evening is just a reminder that our every thought pasture or suggestion leads to us  receiving threw this light of patience listening to what our need and wants are, However not being controlled by an elimate that cannot listen but a receiver who threw the 9 fruits of the Spirit allow Growth  with Love Joy and Peace as it essence the sweet oil or shall I say Corn Oil is Blessed!

Now as we end this course the oil is  given and the FIRST NUMBER (which should be written below on the line. And the feeling that you heard why listening should be written below on the line.

Now by im message online , Message me your answer and your number.

Now then blow out your candle , As we prepare for  Releasing of Fears Lived, Life and Love.