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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Monday 8pm - 9pm August 13, 2012 Fall Lights Meditation Online Classes Begins

Monday 8- pm 9pm / 8/13/012 Fall Lights*  Meditation Online Classes Begins!
Fall Lights Monday- Friday 8/13/012 - 8/17/012 Time 8pm until 9pm  Questions/Interested ? email

Supplies Needed for Fall Lights Workshop Classes:

(1) Yellow candle
(1) Orange Candle
(1) Brown Candle

Fall the time of the year when you as a woman mother (Female in General) has reached its potential of material growth stemming into what is called mythological Fall! Meaning that Finances Allocations Love and Living Let’s start with Family  under Financial as Fall approaches being creative is it side threw expressive thoughts threw education(school) going back or attending*)health (trying new remedies that grow threw the fall  to winter allowing your body the routine needed as the  fat comes off and the bone structure is strengthen (eating right!) mental  growth knowing when and understanding how and why(decision making) which leads to financial the growth that super cedes You in all areas above health,education,mental and financial.

Allowing your spirit the time needed Now to not only comprehend the old as it was known as a platform but by allowing the change to go threw in those area above to bring forth what was hidden waiting for Fall*

Monday we begin at 8pm in the area spiritually known as Creative Growth!

Creating not by cheating yourself out of life living and your lifestyle but by Creating a New Alliance Called Lived, Life ,Love!

In this area family friends associates lovers and love ones are addressed*

Threw these are the Financial, Education, Health, Mental mentioned

Monday Online Workshop Class Supplies Needed

Listening (Yellow Candle)

Instructions: Candle is to be lit during entire workshop class Monday until 9 pm

*Please do not throw away candle as it will be needed later during its course threw out the workshop classes.

8 pm 8:15    Introduction

8:15pm 8:30 Lighting of the Candle

8:30pm 9:00pm Releasing Of Ones Fears