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Thursday, August 23, 2012


Step into the month of September by celebrating that you have been placed among others like you. Not those who you had to either fight off your own identity, but those who love you and are in time with your coming as they go to their life, living and lifestyle.

 Now you are no longer living life as a secondary person who hides his/her identity of fear of one who cannot make themselves, but threw millions who have made it to this Plato of acceptance like you, and now you have moved  into their world.

This world has nothing to do with the she(s) or he(s) who smart sarcasm had you that is over and done with and now they see your face and know your name. Justification comes with commitment as this new world has made commitments with you .Step into the part of you that is only for you, not as a selfish act, however as a act of light made clear, light that is clear forever never hidden from those whose fear is themselves not you. By leverage we all agree that now as august ends separating yourself for your own growth into the who you are, is best for you.