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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Angels Are Watching!

Once again those looking to place their anger on the innocent people instead of accepting the truth of who they really should address these issues with, Are not concern with who they hurt or what pain they afflict for the love of either a male or female or a family itself! These individuals are aware of their actions but haven’t been disciplined as threw the physical realm, now as an adult they subject themselves knowingly to inflict pain elsewhere! So that they won’t remember where they come from.
This individuals have died already threw the spirit and underestimate the soul. They have no goals as because being in a set environment that no profit can enter meaning positively! They cannot control their lustful desires. As to making adult decisions, they allow their desires to control their everyday thinking. Whether with children or not. Happiness to them is not what is reality, but Fantasy!
So they are victims to the devils art called visual.  Their visual is not what others see, but threw their childlike heart they do not see the real enemy. Themselves! Because they are aware of what the discipline nature is and they simply don’t care as long as they don’t get caught.