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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Solar Light

No longer caring about their pain, it’s time to live, as those who waste time; you have now settled your differences as now understanding that they only want you to live!
To live in a way that faces you with those who can progress you in your ability to be the sun. Yes as those are not called cosmic, they are called meteorites. Yes this is where you meet people that will and purpose are one, disguised to you. This meteorite as I like to refer to it is a turn of all that relives on the sun energy! Using their pros and cons to keep you in the light. That is their job.
Now what?
Too spacey?
Now as the pain goes away the memory of the g force no longer is trine with your new world, this means that you cannot be put inside a fake hole! No longer are you disillusioned by what you need, but however you appreciate what you have.
Mercy does not allow those to go back into your life living or matter. Called Time. You now have orbit out of the fake hole, and now are nowhere to be found by those who use you for a life as now they are put in time forever!
Leaving them is called suffering as now they have that privilege back, and death is called light, as they cannot call you fake no more.
Yes after all you have done, they still don’t get it* Now they don’t have to worry about living like you in their life nor do they have your spirit in life anymore.

So yes stay away from the light PLEASE!