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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Where? Not Here!

Speaking with those who are fighting their demons of being in control of other people lives, as well as those expressing their value in ways that can mentally and emotionally hurt themselves.  As these are those who souls have been aligned also.
Yes as well as speaking with those who are still looking to play with others time, as they themselves don’t value their own worth and integrity which can leave them emotionally drained and physically hurt. As these are those who souls have been aligned also.
As this is the time they have placed themselves in. Addressing this which can lead to JOY!
 Yes the Joy of knowing and accepting who you are as not threw the 5 senses of judging as well as playing games within others’ lives work or play! Called trouble*
Yes as these both are secure, stable as in their financial, they often look to unvalued as well as unworth others integrity as threw a self-person a family in whole and
a franchise!  As well as take up your time due to their own hurt, and pain. Their energy must be placed as not to hurt themselves as well as others.