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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life Within Purpose

The key is not being upon the happiness itself however absorbing happiness love! Like an island retreat. When rest is needed you rest! The emotional hem is not needled to your past as long as limits is placed upon the vacating of the other be it male/female sun! Yes as this allows them to take care and handle their own affairs as not leading you into your own past, trying again to pull someone out of theirs!
They had the sun and now back to the earth as the sun is needed for the summer to train one’s mind called spirit to receive threw not the misery of completing one of life’s stages (anger /*)  But to receive the purpose called continuation. Sounds silly but it’s like a graduation of one’s soul! Now the happiness of knowing that your personal journey was or is complete as facing your own weakness as not just threw the flesh but also the spirit. Knowing your flesh and spiritual weakness now places you back in the victories chair!