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Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Overcoming others fear now hope is presently working as threw your faith called charity. Your agreement is made in stone as too negotiating and transferring of your light called good energy without fear! Yes you are protected and in control without the fear of being known. You have stopped Satan from your prayers!
You now are not blindsides as to being the new person who you are in your desired hopes and dreams. Now you are in the physical realm where your prayers are protected from Satan!
This physical realm now has no fear as to you receiving their love and commitment , being in a contract threw communication as you are in control and you are protected 100% The turnkey operation is not needed as you now are aware of your responsibility, called LIVE.
Now not being seen negatively as threw fear or sorrow and anger! You have reached a point of clarity acknowledging love threw your brain as it is transmitted to others outside your community and or environment.