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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Remembering May

Remembering that these 5 senses are not to be digging in others business as to being allowed for others to find you, not natty or nating threw as with a fine tooth comb but as threw the remembrance of a time long gone, The good heart person is back as place with who deserves their time and patience. Not for those continue in a selfish way (called flesh) still looking for pity of what they could had prevented in their past no, their present is for you to stay away from them as to allowing them to suffer as not to cause problems in your life due to them.
They associate with pain as with love and you should not allow any commitment to  go threw or flow threw as they either had seriously hurted others or their self and as a selfie they only hurt themselves as needed still to associate with negativity.
They are just physical at this point and nothing matters to them in the spiritual realm.
Thus explain
Only leads to being around a full negative human being!
Five as May has given the leader direction and the purpose the will, those who had good news delivered to them as to receive their purpose, others also have good news intended as threw their will. Those who received good news their will have yet to understand others human beings do exist! It’s not just about them. As they have allowed their will to mastermind their own equity , now they are either back in a load of shit, Yes because they willed at a time that was not for them, But however for others to see that they have grown and matured. Yes as this would have stopped the circle of their hardship as well as give them a finer sense of being independent as well as respectful to self as well as for self-threw others. Instead some willed the same ole thing back into their life (misery) due to their own insecurity or game play! Nobody has time for that or ever WILL.
Knowing the purpose has some scared as to letting go! And to continue moving with the change as being  presently put in their time a time where others cannot mind bend  them. Now as they reach back into the light of understanding that which has matured, they are now allowed to soar!