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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Loving One Called You

Simply because when one finds love one does not know what to do? As when love was not found one was bouncing all over the place! And those male/females whose love is tied to a past of not receiving love from a family member called mother or father! Does not mean all have to suffer , or be disrespected (referring to the male) As well as referring to the female (she does not have to disrespect herself , while searching for a father figure or one that lives like her father!) ,
Now that’s what is blocking them to come into their  own Life Living  as they continue living for the Pity! Called Pain and as they struggle with sex or sex related issues. All they do is go around with a death certificate an ask for you and your future to die for them.other words they are aware of their wrong doings, but their DNA is still in street game  and they want to hold you back until they can catch up! No longer are they allowed to so –call catch up!  And why go back for them! They now are being placed in purgatory just like you were, so now let them run around looking for a mind that can keep them from their death, struggle and pain!
They never prepared, and they took your name for granted. Why they insulted you threw social.
Now you stand socially structured and mentally stabled and emotionally secured.
No more jokes on you and about your business or the structure of the business itself. You now have recouped from their blood moon and the pain and struggle and death called fear of knowing them. Their strategy is sad as they can only entertain and stimulate weak minded individuals with no identity of their own.
Love yourself, while they continue to search for an identity like their mother or father to love them.